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Tom Alsop is available as a virtual presenter - consultant in his Zoom Meetups! He also does live, on-site work shops and keynotes. If interested please text or call Tom at 317-213-8764 or Email him at madridtomindy@ 

YOU can select and discuss with Tom what you want your Zoom Meetup or on-site workshop to include.  

Here are just a few Zoom Meetup or on-site workshop topics which Tom offers: 

  • Imagination Stations 

  • Hybrid learning in the WL Classroom 

  • Using mini-cuentos and microcuentos to teach level one and level two reading - TPRS! TPRS and CI - Fun readers for Levels 1 and 2 

  • Getting your students to have fun and participate in class 

  • Creative lesson planning that is STUDENT CENTERED 

  • Teaching and learning teams 

  • Having fun teaching with writing prompts 

  • Teaching grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and culture using drawing 

  • Building a customized fun and realistic curriculum 

  • Recipes for successful world language classes 

  • Teaching authentic culture - getting students into the act 

  • Teaching Big C and Little C culture - getting students into the act 

  • CI - Creative ways to teach vocabulary and grammar 

  • Theater-skits, acting - Hollywood Stars 

  • Poetry Slams 

  • Movie-making in the world language classroom 

  • Differentiated instruction 

  • Optional learning 

  • Positivity in the WL classroom 

  • Positivity in the WL department 

  • Music in the WL classroom 

  • Panorama Cultural - Great projects and more! 

  • Multiple intelligences in the WL classroom 

  • Talk til You drop/Getting your students to speak! 

  • Oral testing/rubrics/timelines/materials 

  • Activities for world language clubs 

  • Effective lesson planning 

  • Integrating reading with speaking and writing - a kaleidoscope 

  • Teaching Don Quijote in high school Spanish classes 

  • Teaching García Lorca in high school Spanish classes 

Special notes: 

  • 1. Tom can present the above topics to the entire WL language department in your school or to all WL   departments in your district. 

  • 2. Tom can also serve as a consultant for your department via Zoom Meetup. 

  • 3. Tom can also serve as a consultant to one or more teachers via Zoom Meetup. 

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