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Travel Abroad

Tom's summer travel program, Aventura Cultural, is a credited post graduate program for teachers wanting to get real life experience in a Spanish speaking country.  The programs are offered in Havana Cuba, Madrid Spain and Guadalajara Mexico. Tom has over 30 years experience traveling to Latin America & Spain. 

Books & Culture DVD's

Tom Alsop is the author and creator of over 350 books, dvd's and other materials to help students learn other languages.  Ranging from Grammar and Culture to Skits and Lesson Planning Materials, Tom has the real-life experience to help educators achieve success teaching Spanish in the classroom.  

Teaching Workshops

Tom's Workshops show you the methods that he uses to be a successful world language educator.   The work shops are engaging and full of energy.  Click here for a list of workshop ideas

Online Radio Show 

Tom hosts the World Language Cafe.....

GueroLoco Concerts

Join GueroLoco aka Mr. GL as he takes your students on a language learning adventure. 

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