Educator Comments from Past Workshops

“I knew it would be great, that’s why I came! Susan Márquez


“I am in a rut with my teaching. This workshop slapped me in the face to change my ways. The change will start tomorrow! ¡Bravo!” Rick Button


“¡Excelente, como siempre!” ¡Gracias! Michelle Larson


“¡Me encantó! Son el tipo de clases que más me gusta dar y creo que puedo aplicar las ideas en mis clases.” Aida Uriarte


“I would give this workshop an A”. Everything covered was very useful today. It was very refreshing and uplifting! Alyssa Sumershen


“An A for the workshop! Thank you for the handouts and ideas. You made me excited about teaching again”. Vicky Wright


“I came hoping to be motivated to try new things in my classroom. I was not disappointed. I will be getting my students moving”. Lori Foltz


“This workshop was an A!!!!!!!!!! I got a lot of great ideas that can be adapted for all levels. The pace was great and the format was lively and entertaining!” Deborah McKissick


“The workshop was wonderful! Excellent information I can use tomorrow. Thank you. Very energetic!” Angela Mullis


“The workshop was great! I liked all of the materials and ideas that were given. I liked all of the interactive activities!” Rholanda Ash-Nobbe


“Taking this workshop has completely changed the way I teach!” Michelle Larson


“I loved the activities and enthusiasm, and especially the sharing of ideas with the other teachers. Thank you so much!” Kristina Hole


“First workshop that was meaningful and helpful from beginning to end!” Aline Schafer


“Great workshop!! It opened my eyes to a different and fun ways to teach my native language to adolescents!” Jeannette Ermel


” Just when I was least expecting it, we had a exciting, meaningful and engaging workshop by Tom Alsop on creativity in the classroom. I was inspired to come up with a lot of great new ideas and remember some old ones, I am really excited and re-energized and I know that will have a huge … effect in the classroom.” Sarah Silver-Lee, Spanish Teacher, North Central High School, Indianapolis, IN


•“A really creative and communicative workshop. Don’t miss Tom’s unique approach to teaching!”Susan Wrenn, World Language Supervisor, Lewisville School District, Dallas, TX


• “Hands-on workshop, a must to keep the excitement going!”Teri McNeil, Foreign Language Supervisor, Colorado Springs, Colorado


• “Tom’s materials are awesome! I got energized. Tom makes world languages come alive!”Ardith Pierce, Principal, Seattle, Washington


• “Teachers shared ideas with each other and explored novel strategies and techniques for immediate use in the classroom”.Judy Baughin,WL Department Chair, Raymond Walters College, University of Cincinnati


• “Tom’s workshop was fun and informative. His hands-on method of sharing information was very valuable to all my teachers, those experienced as well as those new to teaching. I would recommend his presentation to anyone in need of great innovative ideas”.P. Shipley, F. J. Reitz High School, Evansville, IN


• “These materials are awesome! I wish I had them “way back when” because they create a sense of joy among my students. The atmosphere in class has become so much more energized!”Evelyn, CCFLT workshop participant

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