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"To have a second language is to possess a

  second soul"



Teaching Services

  • Spanish Teacher Summer Immersion Programs in Havana, Madrid & Guadalajara 

  • Zoom Meetups

  • Tom's Books 

  • Onsite Workshops for

  • Apple Podcast / Tom's World Language Cafe                 

  • GueroLoco Concerts / Presentations

Aventura Cultural

The Aventura Cultural summer travel programs, sponsored by World Strides, provide educators the opportunity to get up close and have personal experiences in the host country they visit and explore. Travel to Spain, Cuba & Mexico to gain the cultural and linguistic knowledge needed in today's world language classrooms.  

Tom's Books 

Tom has authored more than 350
books / DVDs / posters and and games. 
Check out the list of some
of Tom's publications!
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